Secure Authentication Extension for your Business

Make your IAM system more fraud-resistant and replace the need for 2-factor authentication with the Shayype extension. No passwords, second devices or SMS needed.

how it works

Device-free one-time code authentication

Shayype replaces fixed passwords with a better way to authenticate your users. Easy-to-remember (yet hard to reverse-engineer) patterns are used to extract one-time codes without the need to enter or submit any information, replacing 2-factor/2-step authentication at a stroke. With nothing to steal or lose (the curse of hardware device based systems) Shayype solutions are more fraud-resistant and offer a better user experience than all other authentication products.

Create a pattern, not a password

Shayype relies on OTPs (one-time passcodes) extracted by users armed with pre-registered patterns or shapes, in place of static alphanumeric strings to authenticate users. Patterns are easier to remember and use, giving users a better, simpler way to log in.


Enter a one-time code

One-time codes are neatly shown on-screen (on any device) to the user, buried in numbered grids. Users never enter or show their patterns (they never for instance touch the grid, which would "give the game away" - they just use their pattern as a guide) so there’s no personal information to intercept or steal, protecting both users and businesses from fraud.

Multi-factor authentication in one step

Shayype’s unique interface combines multiple forms of authentication into one easy revolutionary step. There’s no hardware requirements or second step, providing users with an efficient, low-friction authentication experience.


Authentication has a fraud problem


of data breaches are due to compromised passwords


Passwords used globally


Spent per year reacting to cyber attacks


More secure, low-friction authentication

Replaces fixed passwords

Passwords inherently sacrifice usability for security. Shayype replaces passwords with a new-style user "secret" that's easier to remember and work with, making authentication easier without sacrificing effectiveness.

Never send vulnerable information

Users never enter or send any identifying information so your business and users are safer from threats such as phishing, keyloggers, man in the middle attacks and shoulder surfing.

Replaces "2-factor" authentication

Shayype combines what used to be regarded as two factors (something you "know" together with a one-time code)  into one interface for low-friction authentication. With no extra hardware or second device needed, there’s nothing to lose or steal.

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Shayype products

Keeping your business and users safe from fraud

Shayype Standard

Improve security, efficiency and usability all at the same time. Replace passwords, 2-factor authentication and SMS with the Shayype Standard IAM extension.

Shayype Evade

Shayype Evade adds an extra element of security without sacrificing usability or efficiency.

Shayype Swipe

Shayype Swipe offers unparalleled fraud-resistant authentication, by confirming the user's relationship to a hardware device (e.g. a phone) without using an OTP. The user instead uses his/her pattern "secret" in a different way, that simply cannot be reverse-engineered. An ideal upgrade for FIDO2.