Security-as-a-service solutions for MSPs

Provide your clients with more secure, low-friction authentication that meets their evolving security needs. Meet and overcome the challenges posed by providing IT and security services in a SaaS-dominated industry with Shayype’s authentication-as-a-service solution for managed service providers. Ask yourself "Are my clients seeking something better than passwords, without the complexity of 2FA or biometrics?"

KEY benefits

Authentication services for clients

Expand your offerings to meet evolving client needs

Best-in-class authentication technology prevents fraud to meet your clients’ IT and security needs in a cybersecurity environment that is constantly and rapidly evolving.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Get a leg up on your competitors by offering a more secure, frictionless authentication solution for new and existing clients.

Serve a wide range of clients

Satisfy security needs for clients in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, fintech and legal services

Authentication has a fraud problem


of businesses have experienced security attacks


Spent per year reacting to cyber attacks


Passwords used globally

Build recurring revenue

Using Shayype’s solutions for managed service providers, you can expand your services to offer authentication-as-a-service to your clients. Providing this service will increase customer satisfaction and retention while building a recurring source of revenue for your business through increased retention and account expansion..

Better protect client data

Shayype’s secure front end and robust back end provide you and your clients with superior end-to-end security. Shayype doesn’t store end-user patterns so they can’t be stolen or lost, reducing your clients’ vulnerability to costly data breaches and leaks.

Fewer headaches for you and your clients

Forgotten passwords and lost devices represent significant headaches and security vulnerabilities for your clients. Shayype’s easy-to-remember pattern system reduces the number of forgotten passwords you need to reset and because end-users never submit their personal information, they are secure from phishing, man-in-the-middle and other fraud attacks.

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Shayype products

Keeping your business and users safe from fraud

Shayype Standard

Improve security, efficiency and usability all at the same time. Replace passwords, 2-factor authentication and SMS with the Shayype Standard IAM extension.

Shayype Evade

Shayype Evade adds an extra element of security without sacrificing usability or efficiency.

Shayype Swipe

Shayype Swipe offers unparalleled fraud-resistant authentication, by confirming the user's relationship to a hardware device (e.g. a phone) without using an OTP. The user instead uses his/her pattern "secret" in a different way, that simply cannot be reverse-engineered. An ideal upgrade for FIDO2.