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Shayype’s B2C solutions for authentication allows you to offer your customers the low-friction login they expect. Better protect users against fraud and other forms of cybercrime with efficient, user-friendly device-free no password authentication solutions. Best of all, they will love the greater feeling of personal control over their identities Shayype will provide.

KEY benefits

Seamless Password-Free Authentication

Convert and retain more customers

Consumers expect logging in to websites and apps to be a frictionless process. Provide an efficient and seamless user experience for your customers to increase conversion and retention rates.

Improve engagement and adoption

Delight your users with a more secure, simplified user experience so it’s easier for them to log in, complete a transaction and engage with your product.

Eliminate customer pain points and frustration

Shayype uses patterns that are easier than traditional passwords to both use and remember. Fewer forgotten and reset passwords means happier customers.

Authentication has a fraud problem


Passwords in use globally


records exposed by data breaches in the first-half of 2019


Cost of data breaches per year

Avoid data breaches and possible fines

Data breaches and cybercrime costs businesses billions of dollars every year and companies can face still penalties and fines for not properly securing their data. Reduce your exposure to fraud and liability by eliminating the reliance on passwords that are easily lost, stolen or forgotten.

Protect customer privacy

Customers are more conscious of security and privacy concerns than ever before. With Shayype’s B2C authentication solutions, your customers don’t give up any personal information and never enter their patterns when logging in. Since your business doesn’t store any customer information, their privacy is better protected.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Consumers are aware of online security threats and cybercrime more now than ever. Stand out from your competitors by protecting your customers with more secure authentication for logins and transactions built with best-in-class technology. With Shayype’s frictionless multi-factor authentication interface, your brand will build trust with consumers while satisfying them with a superior user experience.

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Shayype products

Keeping your business and users safe from fraud

Shayype Standard

Improve security, efficiency and usability all at the same time. Replace passwords, 2-factor authentication and SMS with the Shayype Standard IAM extension.

Shayype Evade

Shayype Evade adds an extra element of security without sacrificing usability or efficiency.

Shayype Swipe

Shayype Swipe offers unparalleled fraud-resistant authentication, by confirming the user's relationship to a hardware device (e.g. a phone) without using an OTP. The user instead uses his/her pattern "secret" in a different way, that simply cannot be reverse-engineered. An ideal upgrade for FIDO2.