Modern authentication for modern finance

Secure your users and important business data with our modern authentication solutions. Shayype replaces passwords and the need for traditional 2-factor and 2-step authentication with a more fraud-resistant, device-free and frictionless login for your users and employees. High levels of SIM-fraud often result in SMS OTP adding to the problem. Shayype is the answer.

KEY benefits

A new way to secure your business

Passwordless authentication

Replace fixed passwords with something more usable and memorable, making your business and customer data safer and more secure.

End-to-end security

You can’t be compromised by hacking or data breaches because Shayype never transmits or stores user login "secrets".

Replace multi-factor authentication

Streamlining multiple factors of authentication into one step replaces the need for traditional 2-factor (or 2-step) authentication and eliminates the need for extra hardware or SMS.

Authentication has a fraud problem


of cyber attacks target FinTech


Cost of data breaches per year


- cost to UK firms in last 5 years

Avoid costly data breaches

The FinTech industry suffers 19% of all cyber-attacks and incurs more costs from cybercrime than any other industry. Shayype’s best-in-class approach authenticates users without any need to enter, transmit or store sensitive user "secret", so your business will be more secure from data breaches and fraud attacks.

Protection against modern security threats

Research has shown that financial services and insurance companies are among the most vulnerable to cyber-crime. Shayype is an innovative solution that will completely change the way you validate users, replacing the main source of vulnerability with a secret that's both easier to remember and more user-friendly.

A better, smoother experience for end-users

Until now, the answer to increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats has been to add multiple steps to the authentication process. Shayype combines 2 forms of authentication into one easy step without relying on extra hardware or SMS. Your customers achieve a lower frictionl login experience that also provides them an extra feeling of security and control over their own identities.

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Shayype products

Keeping your business and users safe from fraud

Shayype Standard

Improve security, efficiency and usability all at the same time. Replace passwords, 2-factor authentication and SMS with the Shayype Standard IAM extension.

Shayype Evade

Shayype Evade adds an extra element of security without sacrificing usability or efficiency.

Shayype Swipe

Shayype Swipe offers unparalleled fraud-resistant authentication, by confirming the user's relationship to a hardware device (e.g. a phone) without using an OTP. The user instead uses his/her pattern "secret" in a different way, that simply cannot be reverse-engineered. An ideal upgrade for FIDO2.