Better authentication for your B2B customers

Create a secure, modern experience for your B2B customers with Shayype’s world-class device-free  password-less authentication. Reduce fraud and eliminate the need for 2-factor (or 2-step) authentication with solutions that grow with your needs. Best of all, give everyone - employees, contractors, freelancers, suppliers etc - their own OTP facility.

KEY benefits

Modern B2B authentication solutions

Lower development costs

Building your own login system is prohibitively expensive and rarely ends in success. Shayype’s B2B authentication system plugs in to your existing IAM system to make it more secure.

Better user experience

Shayype’s unique passwordless login system replaces traditional 2-factor authentication solutions and eliminates the need for additional devices and SMS one-time passwords. The result is a frictionless user experience for your customers.

End-to-security and privacy

Shayype doesn’t require users to enter or send any sensitive information and doesn’t store it in our back end so there’s nothing for hackers to steal.

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Prevent costly fraud and data theft

Lost and stolen passwords are the cause of more than half of all data breaches online, costing business nearly $10 billion per year. Shayype eliminates this security liability by eliminated the password. And since users don’t have to enter or send sensitive information or rely on multiple devices that can be stolen or cloned, your business and customers are less vulnerable to fraud and other cybercrimes.

Security that evolves with you

Shayype’s B2B authentication solutions are completely device agnostic and don’t require any hardware beyond a device with a screen. Since Shayype plugs in to your existing IAM system, it’s able to quickly adapt to the evolving needs of your customers and your business. So security will never get in the way of growth.

Reduce your liability

Shayype’s password-free authentication B2B solutions are able to reduce your business’ vulnerability to fraud and data theft and, therefore, its liability. WIth Shayype, you don’t store or send any of your customer’s information and they never have to enter their pattern when logging in. So you don’t have to worry about man in the middle, phishing or other cybercrime attacks.

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Shayype products

Keeping your business and users safe from fraud

Shayype Standard

Improve security, efficiency and usability all at the same time. Replace passwords, 2-factor authentication and SMS with the Shayype Standard IAM extension.

Shayype Evade

Shayype Evade adds an extra element of security without sacrificing usability or efficiency.

Shayype Swipe

Shayype Swipe offers unparalleled fraud-resistant authentication, by confirming the user's relationship to a hardware device (e.g. a phone) without using an OTP. The user instead uses his/her pattern "secret" in a different way, that simply cannot be reverse-engineered. An ideal upgrade for FIDO2.