The mentally-held secret.
Re-born! (Pass the word…)

Ditching the mentally held secret was one of the world’s biggest mistakes, as it was the only thing hackers couldn’t steal. ShayypeTM is the new universal ingredient technology – designed to get authentication back on track – by re-envisioning the mentally held secret and allowing users to securely extract or generate OTPs as never before.

The most secure way to give users one-time passcodes

Fixed passwords no longer offer users good protection when logging into things like websites or networks. Hackers can so easily capture and re-use them, allowing them to break in by pretending to be you! (US firm Verizon reports around 80% of all data breaches happen this way.)  

Do alternatives to passwords work?

There are ways technology can deliver what are called “one-time passcodes” (OTPs) to users, usually via phone apps, text, or email, but the first option tends to be complex to set up and use – meaning it’ll never be useful for most people - and the other two (SMS and email) are notoriously insecure.

Shayype is the answer

Shayype has been designed to transmit OTPs to users in a far more secure yet convenient way, direct to the user’s screen –and it’s faster! Best of all, if you’re an organisation with a website, everyone who logs in using a Shayype OTP will automatically become a cyber star, as they’ll be using a different code each time.

Current security "fixes" are failing


passwords for sale on dark web


Records exposed in first 6 months 0f 2019


- cost of cyber crime to UK economy


Industries set to benefit massively from Shayype


Compromised passwords cost financial services and insurance companies more money than any other sector. Protect your business and customers with device-free, dynamic authentication.


Those creating state-of-the-art websites, networks and other online environments are by nature always on the lookout for new ways to protect users. Shayype changes everything.


e-commerce can now enjoy everything from the equivalent of chip 'n' PIN online to all the benefits of users feeling more secure as they shop on the web.

Managed Service Providers

Overcome the challenges of providing IT services in a SaaS-dominated world. Meet your customers’ needs as they grow and evolve in a  variety of industries with an array of privacy and regulatory concerns.

What the industry is saying about Shayype...


Shayype improves on the whole idea of two-factor as you no longer have to carry something physical like a phone with you at all times. In my view that puts Shayype streets ahead

Marion curtis
Cambridge open studios


“Shayype presents a whole new approach to passwords which is both easier to remember and harder to hack. We tried it on staff here and everyone got it instantly. It’s brilliantly simple, yet so secure”

Paul hetherington


“Shayype is a beautiful idea for implementing a onetime code entry. Even if a bad actor observed a complete transaction, it would be extremely hard to
reverse engineer the pattern, which can’t be said of a traditional ATM pin”

richard weber
centre for mathematical sciences, Cambridge

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