Product Overview

Shayype is a device-less single-factor, two-step verification pattern authentication method that can be added to virtually any existing system directly via REST API calls or using Keycloak IAM (identity and access management) as a wrapper.

Using Shayype

To use Shayype all the user needs is a simple pattern or shape, which was set up just once at registration time. After that, every time the user sees a matrix like the one above, he/she simply reads off the numbers (in the right order) to generate a new hacker-resistant code. The numbers change every time, but the user’s pattern doesn’t.

Single sign-on

User & rights management

Standard protocols

Shayype with Keycloak

Keycloak is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that enables remote authentication for existing applications. This means that once an application registers with Keycloak, the application no longer deals with login forms, authenticating users, registering and storing users. What's more, multiple applications can register to create a single sign-on service.  

Shayype SPI

Keycloak can be customized with Service Provider Interfaces (SPI) to create additional services. Shayype has been added to Keycloak to seamlessly add Pattern Authentication as an optional authentication service. This means you can add Shayype to virtually any existing application with very little or no coding.