Next seminar: 10:30am

Thursday 25th July

Pinnacle House, Peterborough

What can you do in 60 minutes?

Take exercise, prepare a meal, have a nap, read a book ….

Or help save your company from extinction!

Learn how to avoid potentially ruinous data breaches by creating your organisation’s own cyber- security policy.

The four-module Cyber Cornerstones course will show you how, and we’d love to welcome you to an introductory seminar on July 25th (10.30am at Pinnacle House in Newark Road, Peterborough).

It could be the best use of 60-minutes of your time – ever!

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How important is cyber-security?
Do you know of a company that has been hacked?
Have you been hacked yourself?
Could a data breach ruin your business?
Have you heard of Cyber Essentials Certification?
Have you heard of ISO 27001?
Are you aware of any competitor that has either of these?
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