Get a solid grasp of the cyber security landscape, get a feel for the emerging technology trends, understand how this will impact your business now and in the future. 

Training & workshops

It's no use paying lip service to the experts. Nothing will change unless you understand and take a pro-active approach, build a background knowledge of the threats and view them in the context of your business. Don't leave everything until it's too late.

Join our training and workshop programme today and discover how you can begin to protect your business from cyber security attacks.

Cyber security insights

Find out what has been achieved so far and what remains to be done. Learn what roles the various stakeholders play. Discover how cyber security is shaping the corporate world and how this will  affect your business.

Get the insights from leading businesses, the government and regulatory bodies. Develop an understanding of the possibilities and learn to distinguish betwen the will and the won't , the likely and the unlikely.

This training workshop is intended for senior executives working in industries where cyber security is an emerging concern. You will gain knowledge on what challenges  leading businesses face in dealing with risk and what technology is being used to tackle the discovered vulnerabilities.

This workshop may be the wake-up call your business needs to start changing your thinking on how serious cyber security is becoming.

What you are protecting

Get up to speed on the fundamentals of your computing environment:

  • the human interface - the devices used (mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs) and the software that controls them; 
  • the data centre - the 'bare-metal' servers or the 'cloud' and the databases that hold and process your information;
  • and the network that connects everything together - the cables, switches, routers and firewalls that protect the core of your operations.


This workshop is an essential primer for senior executives who are becoming aware of a technical skills gap in their business and are seeking a core base knowledge that enhances their ability to make informed business decisions.

Vulnerabilities, threats and risks.

Assess your vulnerabilities by investigating the likelyhood of certain attacks and the associated impacts, then create procedures to manage a security incident. Identify  the types of threats and how they manifest themselves. Review the impact of possible attacks on your business and understand the root causes of these risks.

This workshop is an opportunity to witness the extent cyber attacks are impacting on businesses.  You will gain the knowledge to assess your strengths and weaknesses in your current cyber defences and be able to take steps to improve your cyber security systems.

This workshop reveals what might happen to your business if you don't prepare or have the right tools or have the knowledge and skills to use them.

People and best practice policies

Understand the interplay between human and technology:

  • Study the human-centric nature of cyber security and identify patterns that may be a concern in your workplace
  • Understand how the dynamics of people and the technology used is often neglected in the office environment
  • Review your cyber security policies - both internally and for 3rd party players in your business


This workshop is an essential guide for senior executives who want to consider the business organisation's structures, norms and cultures to create practical and viable cyber security policies.