Cyber security is everyone's problem. If you feel there's a security oversight in your business, act now before you become the next victim. 

Over 1.16 billion unique email addresses and associated passwords were stolen in global data breaches last year, and there were 20.4 billion successful brute force attacks on accounts with fixed passwords. Over the last five years, worldwide data breaches have increased by over 67%. SMEs like yours are targeted on average 43% of the time.

The estimated costs of cyber-crime to businesses globally has risen to more than $6 trillion annually. If your company’s passwords are still memorable, less than 10 characters long and contain only normal letters, hackers may already know many of them, and are just biding their time before attacking.

Understand how to tackle cyber security by building a core knowledge base:

A series of business training sessions and workshops have been put together to help you and your business learn the fundamentals in cyber security and enhance your ability to make informed business decisions.


Shayype can provide security audit services and offer bespoke consultancy to meet the requirements of your business.


Shayype offers a series of training courses to help mid to senior level executives working in industries where cyber security is a concern.


Shayype offers practical workshops from performing a security audit to installation and configuration of your security software.