Cambridge Open Studios

Shayype improves on the whole idea of two-factor as you no longer have to carry something physical like a phone with you at all times. In my view that puts Shayype streets ahead – Marion Curtis, Membership Secretary & Officer to Cambridge Open Studios, Cambridge, UK.

Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

Shayype is a beautiful idea for implementing a onetime code entry. Even if a bad actor observed a complete transaction, it would be extremely hard to reverse engineer the pattern, which can’t be said of a traditional ATM pin – Richard Weber, Churchill Professor of Mathematics for Operational Research, Centre For Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK.


Shayype presents a whole new approach to passwords which is both easier to remember and harder to hack. We tried it on staff here and everyone got it instantly. It’s brilliantly simple, yet so secure - Paul Hetherington, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Buglife, Peterborough, UK.