Meet Our Founders

Jonathan Craymer


Jonathan’s background is in communications, media (both as both a print and broadcast journalist), public relations and conference organisation. He also founded The Bigger Sales Company Ltd. which has successfully marketed products of several UK and International companies (covering sectors as diverse as software to commercial vehicle components), and he has lectured on marketing. In 2008 an earlier version of pattern-based authentication (Gridsure) under Jonathan’s chairmanship was awarded “Cool Vendor” status by Gartner, and in 2009 the same company won UKTI’s Franco-British Award for Innovation.

Jon Beal

Technical Director

Jon has been working in the field of systems and software engineering since 1989. After graduating from De Montfort University (Leicester) with a BEng (Hons) in electronic engineering, he joined Philips Communications and Security in Cambridge as a systems design engineer, creating large security systems for clients such as Manchester Airport (Terminal 2) and the Bank of England. Since leaving Philips in 1996, Jon has undertaken software development roles for BT, Nokia, EDS, IBM and T-Mobile. From 2003 to the present, he has built a website development and marketing business, specialising in software development using open source platforms. Alongside his role at Cloud-pin, hemanages projects for SME clients throughout the UK and is heavily involved in the design and development of cutting-edge multi-media web applications.

The problem with a fixed password is that it’s exposed whenever it’s used, whereas with Shayype you log in (authorise access to an application) using only a one-time passcode (OTP) – which as it only works once, is no use to an attacker. So, using Shayype is like having two-factor authentication, without the need to carry anything else such as a key-fob (or phone), but because it’s based on a graphical shape which our brains like, is easier to recall and use.