What is Shayype?

Shayype is quite simply a new way for everyone on the planet to prove who they are, anywhere, any time. One of its uses is as a great substitute for ordinary (vulnerable, hard-to-remember) passwords.

Unlike passwords and other “codes”, Shayype is extremely easy to remember. All you need is to remember a simple pattern or shape, which you’ll use to read off “new” sets of numbers from a little matrix of squares. As your Shayype code will change every time, it’ll help keep you and everything you do online much safer.

We need to identify ourselves anywhere without any documents or devices on us - in today's world we must be able to prove who we are

who are we?

we could see the world was becoming more and more "faceless", meaning we needed a new way to say (or prove) who we are - possibly without giving any details away

a New approach

a new solution demanded a new company. just two of us started Cloud-pin, to develop Shayype - a new ingredient with a view to tech giants both large and small using it to secure their solutions

Developed in Cambridgeshire

we've close links with both the thriving tech city of Peterborough and the academia of Cambridge, bringing the best of British technology

Our Management Team

Jonathan Craymer


Jon Beal

Technical Director