Shayype uses pattern authentication

Shayype is an entirely hardware-less system designed to provide users of online or remote systems with different login codes every time they need to be authenticated or give authorisation to an application, neatly combining the convenience of passwords with the strength of key-fobs’ one-time codes.

Instead of vulnerable fixed strings of characters, users are armed with secret patterns or shapes, which when applied to small matrices of squares (typically 5X7) populated with random (frequently repeated) single digits, neatly and elegantly provide users with new “one-time” codes for each transaction, while resisting threats such as shoulder- surfing.

Your Pattern is not stored; it cannot be stolen

Compared to existing systems such as MS Active Directory with encrypted passwords, the Shayype system offers extremely high security as the users' secret pattern is not stored anywhere. The pattern is used to create database keys in conjunction with an exclusive secret-sharing algorithm offering many more levels of difficulty to hackers.

Shayype’s entropy is mathematically superior to standard 6-character key-fob tokens, and as it is hardware-less, software-driven, and works on any device with a display (as well as in hard-copy form) it promises massive cost-savings.

Shayype Uses Keycloak to easily secure applications and services

Users authenticate with Keycloak rather than individual applications. This means that your applications don't have to deal with login forms, authenticating users, and storing users.

Once logged-in to Keycloak, users don't have to login again to access a different application.

This also applied to logout. Keycloak provides single-sign out, which means users only have to logout once to be logged out of all applications that use Keycloak.